7 Best Sustainable Travel Destinations In 2024

Valencia, Spain

The European Green Capital Award is granted annually to a city that has demonstrated a persistent and strong commitment to enhancing the environment and standard of living for both locals and tourists. 

High Atlas Mountains and Marrakesh, Morocco

"The September 2023 earthquake in central Morocco claimed over 2,900 lives and destroyed 50,000 homes, mainly near Marrakech's High Atlas Mountains epicenter."

Saba, Dutch Caribbean

The tiny tropical island of Saba, the smallest special municipality in the Netherlands, is becoming known throughout the Caribbean as a leader in environmentally friendly travel. 


The legendary Singaporean sustainability journey began in 1967 with the idea of a "city in a garden" proposed by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. 

Belfast, UK

With 172 signatories, the UK tourist industry continues to be the strongest advocate for the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in tourist, which was introduced at COP25 in 2021. The US comes in second with 73 signatories. 

Southern Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Roughly 90% of the two million tourists that visit the Great Barrier Reef each year remain in the warm, coastal towns of Townsville and Cairns in the north. 

Panama, Central America

"Costa Rica leads in sustainable tourism in Central America, while Panama, granting legal rights to turtles in 2023, emerges as a community-based tourism pioneer."