7 Best Animals to Keep as Pets

Bearded Dragons

Friendly and easy to care for, bearded dragons require a spacious terrarium with proper heating, lighting, and climbing structures, making them unsuitable for young kids due to special handling needs. A diet of live insects like mealworms and crickets is essential.


Affectionate and social, rats surprise with their intelligence and trainability, making them suitable for growing families with regular playtime and interaction needs. Their diet includes vegetables, fruit, pellets, and protein treats, requiring a consistently clean cage due to their susceptibility to respiratory problems.


Playful rodents with dense fur, chinchillas need a temperature-controlled environment with chew toys, dust baths, and climbing structures. Suitable for dedicated individuals, they thrive on a diet of hay and pellets.


Intelligent and playful rodents, degus showcase acrobatic skills and enjoy pairs, requiring a space with digging boxes, climbing structures, and toys. Their diet comprises vegetables, fruits, pellets, hay, and protein treats.


Hedgehogs, with a warm and cuddly personality behind their prickly exterior, need spacious enclosures with proper heating and enrichment toys. Ideal for nocturnal individuals, their diet should be high in protein, and regular cage cleaning is necessary.


Social and intelligent, rabbits bond well with humans, needing a spacious enclosure for hopping around. Suitable for supervised playtime with children, their herbivorous diet includes leafy greens and hay, with the option to spay them to control reproduction.


Talkative companions, parakeets thrive in spacious cages and require supervised out-of-cage playtime, especially with young kids. Expect them to be loud, and their diet consists of vegetables, fruits, pellets, and seeds.