7 Animated films That Viewers found Super Scary

Monster House: Although Monster House was intended to be a children's horror film, it ended up frightening adults as well. No matter your age, there's something deeply unnerving.

Coraline: One of the scariest characters in all of children's movies is definitely Coraline's Other Mother.

The Polar Express: Although The Polar Express is a movie intended to bring happiness and celebration at Christmastime, some viewers think it would be more appropriate for Halloween.

A Christmas Carol: One of the weirdest Christmas customs is telling ghost stories, which leads to a version of A Christmas Carol that has more detractors than admirers.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: There is enough of spookiness in The Nightmare Before Christmas, so none of us should have been shocked. The title literally contains the word "nightmare.

The Last Unicorn: You would be mistaken to believe that a movie with the word "unicorn" in the title would be spooky. There are several terrifying shots in the movie, particularly the one with the Red Bull.

Fantasia: Some of the scariest animated scenes date back decades, despite the fact that contemporary animation approaches seem to have made anything possible in movies.