7 American Attractions That Not Even Americans Want to Visit

World's Largest Ball of Twine in Kansas is considered unimpressive, even by locals who may not visit more than once.

Four Corners Monument, where four states meet, is perceived as a desolate spot with limited excitement.

Wall Drug in South Dakota, famous for highway billboards, disappoints as it turns out to be a glorified gift shop.

Winchester Mystery House in California, known for endless staircases, lacks the haunted appeal that many seek.

South of the Border in South Carolina, with bright lights and giant sombreros, ends up feeling like an embellished rest stop.

The Fountain of Youth in Florida doesn't live up to its promise of magical rejuvenation, being more of a fairy tale concept.

The Corn Palace in South Dakota, a palace made of corn, is deemed unappetizing and not as exciting as it may sound.