7 Amazing Ways To Prevent Lipstick Stains On Glasses & Collars

Exfoliate & Prime: Buff away dry, flaky skin with a gentle lip scrub to create a smooth canvas for lipstick. Apply a lip primer to minimize bleeding and provide a gripping base.

Choose Long-Lasting Formulas: Opt for matte, liquid, or stain lipsticks known for their staying power. Avoid creamy or glossy formulas that transfer more easily.

Blotting is Your Best Friend: After applying lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue to remove excess product and set the color. Repeat throughout the day to minimize transfer.

Line & Define: Lip liner acts as a barrier, preventing lipstick from bleeding outside your lip line. Choose a shade similar to your lipstick color for a seamless look.

Powder Power: Lightly dust the area around your lips with translucent powder to absorb any oils that might cause smudging. Avoid applying directly to your lips, as it can dry them out.

Strategic Application: Apply lipstick in thin layers instead of swiping it on heavily. Focus the color on the center of your lips and blend outwards for a diffused look that's less likely to transfer.

Mindful Habits: Be conscious of touching your lips or rubbing them against your clothes. Carry a compact mirror to reapply and check for smudges throughout the day.