60-feet sinkhole opened in Florida front lawn, leaving neighbors nervous

Florida Sinkhole Incident: A sinkhole, about 60 feet deep, appeared in a Florida front lawn over the weekend, specifically in Highland City, east of Tampa.

Official Response: Polk County Fire Rescue department addressed the incident on Facebook, assuring that as of Saturday, it didn't pose a risk to the county roadway.

Evacuation and Concerns: The family residing on the affected property safely evacuated, but neighbors expressed concerns as the sinkhole occurred along the only road in and out of the subdivision.

Sinkhole Expansion: Since its discovery on Saturday, the sinkhole has expanded from its original measurement of 15 feet wide to a current size of 15 by 30 feet wide.

Filling the Sinkhole: Authorities are filling in the sinkhole, a process expected to take several days, according to Paul Womble, Polk County Emergency Management director.

Florida's Sinkhole Frequency: Sinkholes are common in Florida due to the erosion of bedrock over time, primarily caused by acidic water wearing down limestone or dolomite.

Insurance and Sinkholes: A recent report from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation revealed that insurance companies closed at least 300 claims related to sinkholes in 2022, emphasizing their occurrence in the state.