10 budget-friendly international destinations and the best time to visit them

Vietnam (Best Time: November to April): Affordable street food, rich culture, and stunning landscapes.

Mexico (Best Time: November to April): Vibrant cities, historical sites, and beautiful beaches.

Thailand (Best Time: November to February): Budget-friendly accommodations, delicious street food, and tropical islands.

Portugal (Best Time: March to May and September to October): Rich history, charming towns, and picturesque coastlines.

Colombia (Best Time: December to March, July to August): Diverse landscapes, cultural festivals, and welcoming locals.

Bulgaria (Best Time: May to September): Affordable prices, historic sites, and scenic mountain landscapes.

Cambodia (Best Time: November to February): Ancient temples, cultural experiences, and a budget-friendly lifestyle.

Peru (Best Time: May to September): Inca ruins, breathtaking landscapes, and affordable local markets.

Nepal (Best Time: September to November): Himalayan trekking, cultural heritage, and budget-friendly accommodations.

Greece (Best Time: April to June and September to October): Historical sites, beautiful islands, and Mediterranean cuisine.